12 months through 24 months → Class Size 8

When they are able to creep and crawl, our infants are ready for toddler activities so our Toddler Program is all about creating experiences that are active, sensory-based and meaningful. Our teachers lead young toddlers through age-appropriate activities to improve coordination and increase verbal and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum is based on the idea that children are naturally curious and motivated to learn. Our teachers get to know each child, learn their interests and plan developmentally appropriate, engaging activities. All of these experiences pave the way for toddlers in their path towards lifelong learning. Toddlers are busy climbing, catching and crawling and all that energy will be channeled into learning.

They need to explore the world with their developing motor skills so our toddler playground was designed with the needs of our toddlers in mind.

Trained teachers write individual lesson plans for each toddler. Some of these activities might include hide and seek, flash light tag and ring around the rosy. We finger paint, learn our colors, roll watermelons and explore trees. Healthy Beginnings is an instructional and assessment system designed to provide a common understanding of what toddlers need to know at each stage of their development. Our teachers are trained in this GA GELDS and will hold semi-yearly conferences with all parents to discuss your child’s development.

Our Program provides:

Personal and Social Development:
Engaging in parallel play, gaining self-control, beginning to express a variety of feelings, learning to trust teachers and caregivers, beginnings to be aware of the feelings of others, asking for help

Language Development:
Developing spoken and comprehensive language, communicating in a variety of ways, enjoying songs, moving rhythmically, scribbling and exploring markers, crayons and chalk, learning to follow simple directions

Cognitive Development:
Using one’s senses to solve problems (dumping, filling, stacking, pushing, poking, touching, watching), looking at books, identifying body parts, naming familiar objects, beginning to understand rules and routines.

Physical Development:
Walking, sitting independently, climbing stairs, pulling toys, building a tower, nesting cups, drinking from a cup, self feeding, stringing bears, completing simple puzzles, washing hands

Toddler Curriculum includes:

  • hands-on projects designed to stimulate the toddler mind
  • a structured learning plan designed to meet your child’s developmental needs
  • problem-solving challenges and puzzles
  • a fun, safe play environment for personal discovery and adventure
  • a rich educational environment filled with science, math, language, drama, music, art and more
  • daily reports for you on the progress of your child including updates on naps, toilet training and meals
  • close attention to each and every toddler to maximize personal growth
  • lots of hugs and giggles

Kool Kidz provides a hot lunch and two snacks daily. Parents may supplement with toddler food until their child is ready for Kool Kidz food.